The Padovan-Hickmans meet The Burroughs on tonight's Wife Swap

A family who choose to live off the grid, without modern conveniences like electricity or a refrigerator, swap lives with a wealthy, materialistic family obsessed with status, on “Wife Swap,” FRIDAY, APRIL 17 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on  ABC . 

In a log cabin in the backwoods of Virginia, the Padovan-Hickmans are proud to be “modern pioneers.” DeLaura (46) and Steve (60) are raising their daughters, Tara (11) and Maren (8), to be self sufficient and environmentally conscious. Without electricity, the family must wear head flashlights to find their way around the dark house at night. Instead of going to the supermarket, they raise chickens, make their own cheese and eat fruit right off the vine. To conserve water, the entire family use the same tub of bath water, which they then use to flush the toilet. Even their clothes are recycled; Tara admits she has never owned a piece of brand new clothing. DeLaura doesn’t waste any time on her appearance; she gladly admits she hasn’t shaved in six years, to the delight of her husband. The Padovan-Hickmans believe they’ve cut out all the “stuff” that comes along with chasing the American Dream. For them, the American Dream is a nightmare.

Meanwhile, the materialistic Burroughs family from New Jersey say they are living the American Dream and loving it! Spoiled Shannon Nicole (33) and her husband Shannon Michael (35) believe life is about spending money and dressing to impress. Shannon Nicole loves big diamonds, big furs and big hair. She spares no expense on cosmetic procedures and, when asked if her appearance is real, she answers, “real….real expensive!” Shannon Nicole spends hours each day primping herself and her twins, Nicholas and Alexa (6). To keep the kids happy, they proudly admit that bribery is a useful parenting technique. The Burroughs designed their ornate home around a glistening, high-wattage chandelier in the hope that people driving by will be impressed by their “wow” house. In order to keep up with his wife’s expensive taste, Shannon Michael works as a technology consultant. He has passed on his love of technology to his kids, who each have their own computer and heaps of video games.

In the first week, DeLaura Padovan-Hickman leaves behind her pioneer life and enters the high-tech, modern world. In order to live as Shannon Nicole, she receives a “Jersey chic” makeover complete with teased hair, high heels and animal print clothing. After spending hours alone staring at herself in the mirror and visiting the plastic surgeon’s office, she concludes Shannon Nicole is living a self-centered and shallow life, while her husband and kids trail behind doing nothing but playing on their computers. Meanwhile in Virginia, Shannon Nicole Burroughs is shocked when she is dropped off in the woods and has to trek through mud just to get to the Padovan-Hickmans’ electricity-free, log cabin. When she sees the goats, she explains that she usually doesn’t take care of animals-she wears them. She refuses to transform into DeLaura and claims that people who shop at thrift stores are nothing but losers. After spending time with Tara and Maren, she believes Steve and DeLaura are failing as parents because they don’t pamper the girls like the princesses she believes they deserve to be.

In the second week of the swap, when the wives change the rules and turn the tables, DeLaura Padovan-Hickman strives to “unplug” the Burroughs family in hopes they’ll learn to appreciate one another. Though Shannon Michael argues he didn’t build his fancy home to have to rely on flashlights, he eventually succumbs and turns out the lights. DeLaura also asks that the kids donate some of their toys and clothes, but the usually indulged twins struggle to understand why they have to part with their prized possessions. DeLaura hopes Shannon Michael can learn to stand up and be a father instead of tuning everything out. Meanwhile in Virginia, Shannon Nicole wants to turn the Padovan-Hickman “dump” into a wow house. She attempts to bring the out of touch family into the 21st century by introducing them to technology and the thrill of spending money, but it all goes downhill after a failed trip to the mall. Steve tries to explain his family doesn’t believe more stuff will bring his family any more happiness than they already have. After two weeks in another home, can DeLaura Padovan-Hickman bring the Burroughs back to basics by cutting out the clutter and healing their disconnected lives? And can Shannon Nicole Burroughs bring the Padovan-Hickmans one step closer into the modern world?

41 comments on “The Padovan-Hickmans meet The Burroughs on tonight's Wife Swap

  1. I am completely offended that the mother from NJ thinks that she is better then this family that has decided a different life path. Has she looked in a mirror lately her face was messed up after her surgery. She is absolutely a horrible person that only thinks of herself and does not care about the feelings of two little girls that don’t have any control over their lives and are made to feel like piece’s of trash.

    Women like Ms. NJ should really get a reality check – I feel the loss of friends (them telling her that she is a bitch and not allowed around their children) and a little humility would server her good.

    Just makes you see that no matter what the outside looks like (not that her is all that great) your personality can really make you look like a cheap piece of plastic crap :)

  2. Shannon Nicole is by far the worst person I have ever watched on wife swap! Most of the guests on the show, no matter how outrageous their beliefs may be, end up with a positive outcome. Shannon Nicole was so into herself and putting down this very sweet family, that she received no benefit from this new life experience. I pity her. Her life is a complete loss. She was so wrong about the other family. They are very rich. Especially considering they do not have people like Shannon in their lives. And I pity her family. How sad that they do not have a wife or Mom as a role model.

  3. Shannon Nicole is disgusting!! I got so upset after watching this episode and seeing how self obsessed she is. It’s a shame she has children and they have to grow up with this woman. Her outrageous behavior and values is something no one should have to endure. I hope the husband takes the kids and RUNS!!!! Good thing it was only 2 weeks!

  4. Wasn’t it obvious Shannon was an actress. People from NJ cannot be that pathetic. Democrats like Shannon aren’t really like that. Democrats like Shannon never treat people that poorly.

  5. Shannon has a horrible attitude. She is focused on physical items and appearance. Icannot believe that she is only 33. She kind of reminds me of Lisa Reyna.

    Her priorities are backwards. One minor thing that I noticed was that she mentioned how much money she spent on cloths, however, cannot affort to use real blinds in their house (they had the $3 paper ones).

  6. she is really not that bad
    shes not an actress shes my neighbor

  7. My guess is that Shannon Nicole grew up in an unhappy home. Her parents most likely didn’t have much money or time to bestow on her. She probably grew up thinking that people looked down on her and considered her low class. I suspect that her and her husband are heavily in debt.

  8. My guess is that Shannon Nicole grew up in an unhappy home. Her parents most likely didn’t have much money or time to bestow on her. She probably grew up thinking that people looked down on her and considered her low class. I suspect that her and her husband are heavily in debt.

  9. Classy Broad

    It is just an observation, but generally people who use the word “classy” to describe something, especially themselves, often are “low class.”

  10. Shannon Nicole Burroughs is one of the most rude, cruel, mean and disgusting humans I’ve ever seen. She should read The Picture of Dorian Gray. But unlike Dorian, she’s no beauty on the outside either. Her festering, infected soul is disfiguring the face she thinks is so beautiful. I found her rather the opposite with those pickle lips and phony breasts. Yuk! But most unpleasant is her pathetic holier-than-tho attitude and cruel treatment of other people.

    Also what’s up with the names “Shannon” Nicole and “Shannon” Michael?

  11. Shannon Nicole Burroughs should be embarrassed of her behavior. However, she has done a public service in the following ways:

    1. She made mildly mean people think better of themselves.
    2. She made people aware of what happens when you wear too much fur. (PETA should hire her)
    3. She made Pennsylvanians glad that they aren’t from Jersey.
    4. She potentially scared some women out of having unnecessary plastic surgery.
    5. She provided a model example for the type of women men should avoid.

  12. I think her biggest lie is saying she is only 33 years old. What a self entitled, centered bitch. I can’t believe the immaturity of grown adults who are then allowed to raise children.

  13. There is NO WAY that she is in her 30’s. She looks like she was ridden hard & put away wet. I am 34 & she could pass as my mother….age wise that is..NOT LOOKS! thank god! I feel very fortunate that she is not my mother. I would be horrified if I had to introduce her as such. Her poor kids. And her home….Flashback to 1984? Her chandelier was horribly tacky & her pink walls looked trailor park. Does she really think she appears well off? She must not get out often. She would be the laughing stock of my neighborhood.

  14. Okay for some of you folks that are down talking Shannon!
    She has a beautiful family and home, oh and her parents are wonderful too! Shannon has a big and beautiful heart of GOLD !
    I only got to see clips of the show I wasn’t home to watch busy working!

    The personality that she portrayed well alot of it is scripted for this I AM SURE ! YOU might do this too for $20000!
    When a mom needed help She was there to give it and YES I do mean $$$$$ at Christmas time! She knows and has all levels of friends some of them actually hang out in the woods and water all summer! lolol
    So really give it a REST! Oh and she is young 33 to be exact she doesn’t need to lie Don’t be jealous ! lol

    Unfortunately the show doesn’t show this part of her because they make it into what they want it to be! CUT & EDIT Duh! It’s all about ratings

  15. To all the haters:

    Talk to the hand cuz the plastic face ain’t listning!

    Ima classy lady so I won’t get Jersey on yas!

    However, I wants yas alls to knows that yas can

    “Kiss my Jersey butt, kiss my Jersey butt, kiss – my big – fat – Jersey – butt – right now!”

  16. Shannon Nicole is too stupid and self-centered to be embarrassed about her behavior on the show. I can’t believe you are a nurse, if I was your patient I would probably die from fright. Please…do yourself a favor, no more silicone in your lips, you look like a fish. Loser!!!

  17. I didn’t see the show, but I know Steve and Delaura. Delaura really, really loves money, make no mistake. Steve is more of a natural hippy. This show was a way to make a huge windfall for the family, and I’m sure DeL jumped at the chance.

  18. KingGeorgeGrrl!

    Say WHAT??? I think everyone on this forum would like to know more.

    Give us the 411 GRRL!

  19. Shame on you Shannon Nicole!!!! you are the meanest, coldest, self centered contestant i have ever seen on wife swap. i hope that your world never comes crashing down around you. you would never be able to cope. you need to get a reality check, and hope karma never comes knocking on your door. you should thank God every night that you have the life that you have. it is very apparent that your lack of self esteem is what guides you through life. god bless you because you need it.

  20. This is for JERSEYGIRL. What do you do for work? Walk the streets? If you are a friend of hers, thats the social class you are probably in. No one could possibly script her personality, its too disturbing to watch. You couldn’t pay me a million dollars to make me make an ass of myself on TV like she did. Jealous of her, HA! I ALMOST (but don’t) feel sorry for her. She will deal with the ramifications of her behavior on that show for the rest of her life!

  21. I am ashamed to share the same last name as Shannon Nicole. What gives her the right to think she is better than anybody! This is a quote directly from Shannon Nicole after the Hickman’s said a prayer before dinner thanking God “Let’s face it they are poor and have nothing to be thankful for”…umm how about their daughters, or their health! Shannon Nicole if you ever come across this blog I want you to know that one day your clothes, wow house, and fake breasts are not going to matter and you too will have to pass judgement for the things you covet, so think about that now before it is too late!

  22. To all you haters, jealous bimbos and lowclass wannabees:

    Not only do I have a Wow House, but I have a Wow Body, a Wow Face, a Wow Wardrobe and a Wow Family. When people see me roll through Jersey they think “Damn, girlfriend has it going on!” Now I even have more money thanks to Wife Swap. I’m going shopping right now!

    FYI my favorite song is “Don’t Cha” by the Pussycat Dolls. I sing it while I’m shopping.

    Dont cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me
    Dont cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me
    Dont cha, dont cha
    Dont cha wish your girlfriend was raw like me
    Dont cha wish your girlfriend was fun like me
    Dont cha, dont cha

  23. To Shannon Nicole Burroughs:

    I don’t think that is really you. Is it? C’mon. You MUST be hanging your head in shame. Probably wishing you never heard of the show “Wife Swap.” Is the 20 grand worth it Shannon? Huh? Huh? Make sure you buy yourself something nice to make yourself happy. You are sure going to need it!

  24. Dear Shannon Nichole,
    My husband and I watched your antics on Wife Swap. We agree that Shannon Michael should divorce your plastic ass and take his precious children far away from you. I have never met such a selfish creature and that poor man deserves better. Run Shannon Michael, run!

  25. Shannon- Nichole looks freakish and her clothes/costumes are in such poor taste. Her behavior was appalling, she is not raising her child right, I hope this experience helped Shannon-Michael to see this and stop her insane behaavior. As for your wow house, get an subscription to Metropolitan Home. Your house is not memorable, you can not buy class. It looks like you have been trying and failing completely.

  26. A person might wonder if Shannon is suffering from body dysmorphia disorder. Among the symptoms: compulsive mirror checking, obsessive grooming behavior,becoming hostile to other people for no known reason, especially those of the opposite sex, comparing appearance with that of others, use of distraction techniques: an attempt to divert attention away from the person’s perceived defect, e.g. wearing extravagant clothing or excessive jewelery, obsession with plastic surgery or dermatology procedures, with little satisfactory results for the patient.

  27. Yo! Shannon Nicole Burroughs iz bee-yoo-ta-ful!
    She reminds me of Peg Bundy, lots of class.
    Her hair reminds me of mama’s tomato sauce, mmm!
    Her face is like a good wine, better with age!
    She has a butt that I think Sir Mix-a-Lot could appreciate.
    Shannon Michael is one lucky bambino!

  28. Shannon is my friend and co-worker, and she is nothing like what you saw on the show. She really laid it on thick and hammed it up for the cameras. Yes, she does love her leopard clothes, hair, make up, and nails. That is the part that was true, but not the personality. She is an great nurse, and all of the kids on the unit love her. She is a wonderful friend who would do anything for you. She has personally shown me many acts of kindness. She has a beautiful heart. I wish that people would stop trashing her and realize this is a TV show. Take it as such. Those who are writing these things maybe need to stop and think….take a look at themselves and their behavior on these blogs…and put their energy into something more worthwhile than trying to destroy other people’s lives. Shannon is a beautiful person and she will always be my friend. If you knew the real her, you would never say these things.

  29. To Shannons friend: I never waste energy commenting on line, until I saw your friends antics on TV. We are not trying to destroy her life, she did that all by herself. Calling a man a loser in front of his children, yelling in a store that a man is too cheap to buy his children clothes (again in front of his children), threatening to spit on him while knocking him down with her fake boobs, does not bode well for your beautiful friend. I look at my behavior all the time, I am not perfect, but in my wildest nightmares I couldn’t have behaved that badly on TV unless I had serious mental issues.


  30. I’m getting pretty hot under the collar listning to all this tripe about Shannon Nicole. So she yelled a little. So what? So she called a spade a spade. So what? She she doesn’t like cheap people. So what? She’s not a bad person on accounts of that.

    She’s classy. She likes nice things. She was trying to help out those people by introducing them to some high society. She was trying to work a little cinderella magic on them two little girls. So what?

    As far as the boobs are concerned. So what? The man probably got some thunder down under from it. No harm, no foul. Getting hit with Shannon Nicole’s bussoms – PLEASE! I can think of worse things to get hit with. Maybe you all need to lighten up a bit. I think alls of yous are jealous and the sooner you admit that the better.

  31. To Shannons Friend: I don’t give a rats behind if you are hot under the collar. Now your true colors are blazing, you and your plastic friend are just alike. I don’t think any normal man could get thunder down there from her, she
    s appalling, inside and out. If you think that anyone is jealous of her you need a reality check just like your plastic friend. It’s called pity not envy. High society HA! She would’t know class if it slapped her in her silicone face.

  32. So what? I’ll tell you what… If you are going to base your self worth on your physical appearance then you probably shouldn’t look like a leatherfaced transvestite in lycra leopard print hooker gear.

    Shannon nicole degraded a man in front of his young children for not being a materialistic vapid un-warranted narcissist like her(him?). Oh, but she(he?) was just doing it for the money. Well that certainly makes the act of emotionally abusing small children acceptable…

    Furthermore a tacky track house, pleather pants, and a look that screams drag night at a two dollar gay bar do NOT constitute high society. That woman(man?) has never, and will never be privy to the higher class. Though I’d certainly like to see Shannon Nicole try to infiltrate the upper crust. She(he?) would be ridiculed and degraded, and it would be well deserved.

  33. is that shannen a guy????looks like a dude.

  34. Another blog about Shannon Nicole. Very interesting.

    ‘Wife Swap’ brings new reality to King George family – Topix http://www.topix.com/forum/med/plastic-surgery/TV38GPK3NTSVSVU5R

  35. I just came back to take a look and got a surprise. I made one post to this blog on April 24 @ 7:57am.
    The post on April 24 @ 1:35pm was NOT me.
    Just wanted to set the record straight.

  36. Watched a re-run and Shannon made me absolutely sick. Why is her husband, who seems like a nice person, with her. She was so rude to that elderly man. I can’t get it out of my mind how truly awful a person she is.

  37. Not everyone knows that Shannon was an evil person from a young age. This individual did not just develop in a few years. She was hated in school for be the nasty, fake girl she is today. I wonder what she would do if everyone knew about her yogurt incident.

  38. oh vernon grad please give details!!!

  39. vernon grad do tell do tell do tell!!!!!!

  40. I just caught this episode today. A few years late I guess. Anyway, I wanted to find out more about this woman who made me cringe during the entire episode of wife swap because honestly I couldn’t believe she was real. The irony in this show was thrilling. A materialistic pompous over consumer and a humble hippie under extreme under consuming family. Funny thing is that they each spend time judging each other for their lifestyle choices to a fault. Albeit, Shannnon Nicole does it very offensively. I know her friends might try to justify her behavior, but there truly is no excuse for the vile way she verbally abused the pioneering family. Even if she did it for show, you can see the you vest daughter in a lot of distress during her stay. Shannon Nicole’s odasity was beyond I humane. I can’t find much updated info on her, but I do hope her husband put his foot down and popped her egotistical bubble. As for the earthy couple, I think they are doing a different kind of harm to their children and that is imposing fairly unsanitary hygiene on them and forcing them to live in such a way that is not reality today. How will they ever integrate as they get older and carve out their own future is beside me. Best of luck to them both, but I sure hope reality slaps both families square in the face.

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